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Google confirmed the rolling out in the coming weeks of Lead Form extensions. Lead Forms are a new type of extension that helps convert high-intent mobile users and get their contact information without leaving Google SERP.

Google said that “Lead form extensions capture interest when potential customers are searching for your company, products, or services on Google. A fast, mobile-optimized experience makes form submission easy and eliminates the extra step of navigating to your mobile site lead form.”

Google’s new lead form extensions stand out on mobile SERP, which make the search ads larger, and help users convert faster. Google makes you pay only when a user clicks on your extension. That said, I guess Google is already planning a payment per lead in a second phase.

Google Lead Form Extensions demo

For searchers who are signed into their Google account, the form will be pre-filled with their contact information; so they can submit the form with a single tap. In this case, 20 seconds is all that will take these searchers to submit a form.

Some important informations regarding Google lead form extensions

  • Some sensitive verticals and sub-verticals are not eligible for this new extension. Check here all Google requirements for lead form
  • The new extension will only show in search campaigns
  • It will only display on mobile and tablet devices
  • It can only be created at campaign level (not account level or ad group level)
  • As all Ad extensions, the new lead extension is not assured to show all the time and is more likely to show – only – in top positions.
  • Remember to adjust your mobile bids to to make the most of this new ad extension
  • For this new extension, you can currently only capture the following 4 user information: Name, Email, Phone Number and Postal Code
  • Lead form extensions will only show in search campaigns

How the new extension is performing ?

According to Google, one advertiser (a telecom provider in Mexico) achieved during the test phase + 20% sales leads.

That said, let’s not be very optimistic as the success of the new extension is depends fundamentally on the searcher’s behavior. Indeed, people expect to land on the website when they click on the ad.

That’s why you may see that your form extension is generating much more clicks than leads – The ratio clicks/ratio will also be below.

How to attach a lead form extension to an existing Search ad

  1. Go to Ad & extensions from the left-hand side menu
  2. Then, select Extensions from the horizontal menu
  3. Click the plus button and create a new Lead form extension
Lead Form Extensions
  1. Select which campaigns you would like to attach it to
Lead Form Extensions
  1. Create your lead form and click save

How to create a Google campaign with Lead Form Extensions

The new lead form extension for search ads is now available in a public beta. You can test this extension in your search ads by selecting Leads as the objective of your Search campaign and selecting “Lead form submissions” as the way to achieve your goal.

Lead Form Extensions
Lead Form Extensions
Lead Form Extensions

In the next steps, you will need to configure texts that will appear in the form extension.

Call to action: You’ll be able to select one of these eight calls to action for your lead extension:

  • Get quote
  • Apply now
  • Sign up
  • Contact us
  • Subscribe
  • Download
  • Book now
  • Get offer

Extension text: This short message (30 characters) will appear below your call to action with your extension on the SERP

Lead Form Extensions

Next, you’ll create the form that users will see after clicking on your extension.

  • Business name (30 characters): This will be at the top of the form.
  • Headline (30 characters): Immediately below your business name
  • Description (200 characters): This will make up the body of the content on your form.

Additionally, you’ll have the option to include a background image to appear behind the form. Recommended dimensions for your image are 1200 x 628

Lead Form Extensions

Finally, you will need to create a short message that the lead will see after submitting the form.

Description (200 characters): This will make up the content for this page.

Call-to-action (Optional): You can choose to include a link to visit your site or to download something from your site.

Lead Form Extensions

How to download lead data ?

  1. Download your leads as a CSV: You can download your leads by navigating to Ads & extensions and clicking on Download leads link for the relevant lead form. Beware that Google will only store your leads for 30 days so you have to download the data regularly if you don’t want to lose any leads.
Lead Form Extensions

2. Set up a webhook integration for Google lead extension: You have also the possibility to feed these new leads directly into a CRM, you’ll need to add a webhook URL and key to your lead form extension.

Google lead form extension is an extraordinary solution for advertisers to convert more mobile searchers. Take time to configure a competitive form and then adjust the mobile bids for it.

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