Use IF functions to Tailor Your Google ads

tailor google ads message

Nowadays, search marketing is rapidly evolving towards more automation and personalisation. In this context, IF functions in Google Ads are a flexible and fast way to personalise Ad messages.

In addition to the simplicity of implementation, IF functions offer personalisation of the ad text in real time.

This personalisation of messaging is based on two factors:

  • the type of device through which the user is connected
  • the audience segment to which the user belongs

Using IF functions

Configuring IF functions in Google Ads is very simple.

Overview of IF function in Google Ads
Overview of IF function in Google Ads

IF functions and Devices

{=IF(the condition is fulfilled, show this text): Otherwise, show this text}

So if you want to display a specific message for mobile users, Google Ads runs this sample formula:

{= IF(device= mobile, Call Now!): Get a Free Quote}

IF functions and Audience

The basic formula is as follows:

{=IF(Audience IN (audience_name), serve this audience specific ad copy):normal copy}

To transcribe the above, it gives this: “If a user is in this specific audience segment, send them that specific ad copy. Otherwise, serve this normal search ad copy.

Suppose you are launching an operation in which club members receive an additional reduction of 15% on a basic reduction of 10%. The formula would look like this:

Buy now for{=IF(Audience IN (ClubList), 45%):30%} discount

And on Google Ads, the setup of the dynamic ad would be as follows:

Creation of an ad with IF function in Google Ads
Creation of an ad with IF function / audience in Google Ads

IF functions and Retargeting

It is also possible to use IF function in a retargeting context. Let’s continue with the example of the gym above. You want to target people who have recently visited your website and offer them a free trial.

The formula would look like this:

{= IF(Audience IN (return visitor 7 days), Book Your Free Session Today!):Download Our Free Brochure.

Note that you can target multiple audience segments in the same IF function. However, you are still limited to two ad copy options to serve. The syntax is the same, with your audiences separated by commas in the Audience IN section


{=IF(Audience IN (Segment1, Segment2, Segment3) Learn more!):Get a quote.}

To Keep In Mind When Using Customisers

When using the functions, you should take these points into account.

To Keep In Mind When Using Customisers
Rules for using IF functions. Source: Google Ads


Google ad customisers make it easier to reach the right user with the right message.

Indeed, IF functions allow you to better adapt the experience of your users to their needs; and consequently improve your campaign performance.

Thanks to these customisers, you have more control over your ad text than dynamic keyword insertion or responsive search ads (RSA).

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