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7 Ad Messaging Tips In Covid-19 Context

In an environment filled with uncertainty and worry, people are looking for certainty and reassurance. Adjusting offering and messaging during these hard times is an excellent way to connect with your audience. Here are few ad messaging ideas you can explore in your paid search ads to convert your audience to client or brand fan.

1 – Offer things for free or with a discount

During this period, it is recommended to propose some services or products for free. This is a way to show to your consumers that you are there for them. Callout like “Free shipping”, “Buy One, Get One Free” Or “-70% To Stay Safe”have to be added in your ad messaging.

2 – Adjust your offering

Check regularly search queries movement on Google trends. By analysing search terms you will be able to find which of your products you should focus on. Once found, review ads copy of this product, ensure responsive search ads are set and relevant sitelinks are activated.

Google trends

You should also create special offers suited for household like: magazine subscription, set of cookware …

Likewise, if you are running a Dynamic Search Ads (DSA), ensure that you are only advertising relevant products (those matching users needs). Login to your Google Ads account, check your Dynamic Search Ads settings and ensure that you are not showing you entire catalogue. If you think that some products are not relevant, exclude them from your campaign.

3 – Extend the return period

Since people can not try on clothes at your store and considering package delays, some may be hesitant to order online. Specially when a product has a “brief” return period. Thus, extending the return period is a good solution to remove this blocker. Call out clearly “Return Period” in your ad messaging.

4 – Offer flexible payment options

As we go through the crisis, it is important to support your audience by offering them flexible payment solutions or payment facilities. This is a very important buying factors during this tome. So don’t hesitate to highlight what are you proposing as payment options in your ad messaging.

You can update your ads copy with a messaging like: “Shop now, Pay Later”

5 – Reassure your audience

Ensure your ad messaging reflects how your company is responding to Covid-19 environment. What security measures your company has taken – whether it is your employees safety or customers safety. Indeed, consumers will keep buying from your company if they know that you are doing the right things to keep your staff, your store and your products safe. 

A Kantar study shows that:

Consumers expect the brands they choose to look after their employees first and foremost, with 78% saying take care of employees’ health and 62% saying implement flexible working.

KANTAR – COVID-19 Barometer

Also, customers are looking for reassurance regarding your services and offers. Provide them certainty so they trust your business. Highlight in your ad messaging any service you can guarantee. Examples: “Free Returns”, “3 Day Delivery Guaranteed” …

If your business still open, call out this in your ad.

Example of ad messaging callout: we are open

6 – Empathise with customers

Don’t hesitate to show empathy to your customers. Using empathy with smart CTA is the ideal to have in your ad messaging. You can use, messaging like: “Locked at home ?”, “Find out from home” Or “New home projects ?”.

For a professional customers, you can use messaging like: “You can count on us” or “We take car of your business”

Unity messages are also very well received by customers. Like: “we’re going to get through this together”

7 – Update your CTA and Extensions

In particular avoid urgency call to action in your ads copy – they are unfavourably perceived. Check your ads and modify ads containing CTA like: “Call now”, “Buy now before it is late” or “hurry up last chance”

Also, don’t hesitate to add a sitelink extension for COVID-19 information in your Search ads.

Google Ads Extensions pushing Covid-19 safety mesures


To face Coronavirus crisis, keep in mind there are two imperatives to properly formulate your customers needs: Be creative and empathic. From a paid search perspective, you should consider marketing your business in a new ways.

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