Google announces identity verification program

Google announces identity verification program

Google Ads just announced the extension of the identity verification program for all advertisers. Advertisers will have to send in business documents, personal identification, and any other information to attest their identity and where they operate.

Broad deployment of Google’s identity verification program will help users learn more about advertisers and let them decide whether to click on those ads.

In addition, the identity verification program will also enhance the overall Google ads environs by eliminating bad advertisers before they can reach more people.

Currently, only US advertisers can complete advertiser identity verification.

How Identity Verification Will Look Like ?

identity verification in google US search

Users will begin seeing advertiser disclosures beginning this summer. This disclosure automatically generated by Google will contain your legal name, or the name of the organization or business you represent, and the country.

  • On Google Search, the disclosure will show in “About this advertiser”
  • On YouTube, the disclosure will show in “Why this ad?” which can be accessed through the info icon  or the 3-dot icon 
  • On websites and apps that partner with Google for display ads, the disclosure will show in “Why this ad?”. You can find this information through the AdChoices icon AdChoices icon

Who Is Concerned By Identity Verification

As part of a phased rollout, certain advertisers may be selected to complete this verification program first.

  • Promotion of products, goods, and services.

Examples: Retail, media and entertainment, travel, B2B, technology, etc.

  • Promotion of informational, advisory, or educational content.

Examples: Content promoting educational resources, research and statistics, free health or financial advice, charitable or social causes, etc.

  • Promotion of content related to regulated industries.

Examples: Gambling and games, financial products or services, healthcare products or services etc.

Advertisers who are required to complete advertiser identity verification will be notified and given 21 days to submit documentation. Once you submit your documentation, you must complete the program within 21 days, or your ads will stop serving. Multiple failed attempts to complete the verification program will result in your ads not serving.

Google pointed out that it could take a few years to completely verify all their advertisers, and that the company will start its verification process in phases in the U.S before it expands to other countries.

Agencies who run ads on behalf of a client will not be required to verify. Agencies and Google Partners will be able to submit on behalf of their clients.

Google has also added a help page and FAQ for advertisers to learn more about the verification program.

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