Responsive Search Ads are getting more features and functionality

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July 2020, Google Ads added new dynamic options to responsive search ads: countdowns and location insertion. These tow new features aim to improve ad performance by improving ad copy messaging. Furthermore, Google has announced the improvement of copy suggestions and recommendations, and the launch of cross-campaign asset reporting.

Location Extension Insertion in RSAs

This features allows you to display a City, State or Country on your ads copy based on your customers’ locations. 

For example, you can create headlines like, “Leeds Hotels”, “Liverpool Hotels,” or “Warrington Locksmith On Demand” to customise your ads to your users locations, regular locations or locations of interest.

Note that:

  • Customers’ locations means where your customers are searching from
  • Locations of interest is based on your campaign setting

You can insert a location on your RSAs with the command {LOCATION(City)}. You can then change “city” by State or Country via a radio button selection:

Location Extension Insertion in Responsive Search ads
Add a location extension insertion in Responsive Search ads

With Location Extension Insertion you will gain in efficiency and productivity. Indeed, you ads copy will be more personalised and so relevant to the user.

Then, rather than creating hundred of different lines with different location you will create only one with the city, state, or country reference you want to show.

Finally, some important note regarding to Location Extension Insertion:

  • You need at least 3 headlines without location insertion
  • Make sure you have enough characters for location insertion in your headline
  • Make sure your campaign location targeting is set to the right scope for your business

Countdown Customisers in Responsive Search Ads

With countdown customisers you inform your potential customers about coming sales or special events directly in ads copy.

Using countdown customisers in ad text will create a sense of urgency by dynamically showing when a promotion is ending.

Countdown Customisers in Responsive Search Ads
Countdown Customisers in RSAs

New Copy Asset Suggestions

With this new feature, when you will create a responsive search ads, the system will provide with suggestions related to commonly used phrases that highlight online availability, as well as shipping and return options for your business.

By adding your final url to your RSAs ads copy, Google will update headline and description suggestions to match with your business – based on your site and existing ads.

RSAs ad suggestions
New asset suggestions when creating a responsive search ad

Cross-Campaign Asset Reporting

To help advertisers spend more time on strategy than reporting manual work, Google Ads is introducing cross-campaign asset reporting.

This new feature you can review more assets at once and understand what resonates with your customers faster.

Cross-campaign asset reporting
Cross-campaign asset reporting

Learn how to create effective responsive search ads here.

You can find full announcement of these features are on Google’s blog.

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