Google Combines Custom Affinity and Custom Intent Into Custom Audiences

Google custom audiences

Google brought together mid september custom affinity and custom intent audiences into one simplified solution named: custom audiences.

The new solution is available in all Display, Discovery, and YouTube campaigns. Henceforth, you will reach your audience based on their interests and the topics they’re searching for.

Previously, custom affinity and custom intent audiences were separately configurable. They helped advertisers reaching people based on their passions or topics they’re researching.

By building audiences based on relevant keywords and websites, advertises can now deliver more relevant ads.

Furthermore, the new combination of personalised audiences provide more flexibility and targeting on Google Ads. Google will select the right audience to target for reach, consideration or performance based on your campaign goals and bidding strategy.

If you have previously configured any affinity or custom intent audience, they will automatically migrate to the specified custom audience combinations.

Google custom audiences, how does it work?

Custom audiences can be set in Audiences section for campaign or ad group. Otherwise, they can be set up in the Audience Manager.

Google custom audiences from Audience Manager section in the menu

When creating a new personalised audiences you can select:

  • People with any of these interests or purchase intentions – (This is the default)
  • People who searched for any of these terms on Google (and YouTube)

You can extend targeting beyond keyword-driven by indicating:

  • website addresses (URLs) that your ideal customer might visit
  • the names of apps that you think your ideal customer might use …
  • people who visited certain places (clothing stores, Warehouse club, etc.)

The new estimate of your personalised audience will appear in the right column. Thereafter, you can use the new custom audience in your Display, Discovery and YouTube campaigns. 

Google custom audiences - Include people with following interests or behaviours
Google custom audiences – Include people with following interests or behaviours

These estimates are not yet available for mobile apps and places.

Important – Keep in mind

When setting a new custom audiences, Google is not going to take your inputs as refinements but rather expansions. The user is not going supposed to meet all the criteria you selected – (OR command).

Google’s announcement is here and help article here.

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