Google Ads is associating campaign goals to optimisation score

Google Ads Recommendations optimisation score

Google has announced it is moving the campaign goal metric in Google Ads near your campaign optimization score, so it is easier to locate.

As a reminder, Google Ads uses an optimization score to provides personalized recommendations based on your campaign goals. To better understand how optimization score computes recommendations, you’ll see from now on your campaign goal visible next to your score.

The new score will be located in the “Recommendations” tab in Google Ads. Google Ads will determine your campaign goals based on your bidding strategy (conversions, conversion value, clicks, or impression share).

Here is a screenshot of the new location for the score:

Google Ads Optimisation Score depending on campaign Google
Google Ads Score depending on campaign Google

Google proposes to update your bidding strategy at any time. You have just to click on “change bid strategy”.

Update your bidding strategy at any time by clicking Change bid strategy
Update your bidding strategy at any time by clicking Change bid strategy

Changing the bid strategy will impact your campaign goal. You can edit your campaign goal at any time.

Top recommendation for you: Moreover, Google Ads is highlighting now the top recommendation for your campaign. This new organization of Google Ads “tips”, helps advertisers to prioritize recommendations that would have the most impact on your optimization score and account performance.

Top recommendations in Google Ads
Top recommendations in Google Ads

Generally speaking, Google Ads score is interesting to watch and to check from time to time. However, keep in mind they do not necessarily guarantee the achievement of your real goals, which are good ROI on your investments and converting paid search users to customers.

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