Expanded Text Ads Will Be Phased Out In June 2022

Expanded Text Ads

Google announced yesterday that starting July 2022, advertisers will no longer be able to create new Expanded Text Ads ETAs or modify existing ETAs in Google Ads. Thus, responsive search ads will be in July 2022 the only Search ad type that can be created or edited in standard Search campaigns.

Expanded Text Ads not showing in Search campaigns
Expanded Text Ads will no more show in search campaigns

Why Google is making this change ?

The ways people search are constantly changing: 15% of daily search queries are new searches. As consumer trends evolve, it’s important to make it easier for people to connect with your business through relevant advertising.

Responsive Search Ads are a great example keep pace with these trends – they combine advertiser creativity with the power of machine learning to help you serve more relevant ads to more people.

“Advertisers who switch ETAs to RSAs, using the same elements, average 7% more conversions for a similar cost per conversion.”

I have always seen that ETAs perform better than RSAs – at least on conversion rate. RSA would generate more conversion as Google gives them so many more impressions!

While this move is no surprise for most of the search experts, we’d love Google to provide more data to help us make the right optimizations to each component of Responsive Search Ads.

Expanded Text Ads – what is next ?

After June 30, 2022, you’ll no longer be able to create or edit expanded text ads. However:

  • your existing expanded text ads will continue to serve alongside responsive search ads (RSAs)
  • you’ll still see reports on their performance going forward.

Additionally, you’ll be able to create and edit call ads and Dynamic Search Ads. As well as, pin headlines and descriptions if you are looking to have more control.

Responsive Search Ads - Pin Headline
Responsive Search Ads – Pin Headlines

Google recommends that you have at least one responsive search ad in every ad group by June 30, 2022

Google included in the announcement ideas to reuse ETA content for RSAs. Thus, we can find the following recommendations:

  • Reuse content from ETAs that best perform and closelly monitor ad strength
  • Pin titles or descriptions to specific positions in your responsive Search Ads
  • Assess your ad performance based on the incremental impressions, clicks, and conversions they drive to ad groups and campaigns

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