Google Ads launches Engaged-View Conversions for video ads

Engaged-view conversions

Google has announced the launch of Engaged-View Conversions for video ads a non-click conversion metric. EVCs aim to measure the full impact of your Display ads by looking beyond clicks.

Engaged-view conversions are counted when a user watches at least 10 seconds of a video ad and doesn’t convert. However, later the user completes a conversion on your site.

Engaged view conversion focuses specifically on different behaviors that users adopt when watching videos on YouTube and Google Display Network.

Benefits of EVCs

  • Measure effectively performance delivered by direct response video ads
  • Better indication of user engagement
  • Better understand the value of your ads

Engaged-view conversion windows

According to the announcement, the default lookback window for EVCs will be three days for Display campaigns. The conversion window varies depending on the type of campaign you’re running:

  • TrueView for action campaign: 3 days
  • App campaign for installs: 2 days
  • App campaign for engagement: 1 day
  • Display campaigns: 3 days

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